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Private Mortgage Lender in Bradford

A private mortgage lender in Bradford, Ontario can help if you have already been turned been turned down for a second mortgage or loan by the major Canadian banks, our company may still be able to help you get the funds that you require. We will look at your total financial situation to fully assess if a private mortgage financing fits your needs.

How can a private mortgage lender in Bradford help you!

Some reasons for obtaining private mortgage loans are: debt consolidation, home renovation, recent job loss, divorce, recent illness and many others. Due to some of these factors the borrower may not be able to take a loan or mortgage on their property from Canadian banks or other financial institutions. Our job is to get you the loans you require, we can arrange your loan even if you do not have a great credit score.

Faster Transaction

Many of you have already spent hours and hours traveling to the banks and on phone conversations. You have filled out numerous forms and provided everything the banks asked for and you still do not have the loan, this process could take months. Our private mortgage agreement form makes our company one of the fastest private mortgage lenders in Ontario. Compared to ordeal you have already gone through with the banks this is easy private mortgage money to acquire.

We are based in Ontario and a have a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the local real estate market within your town or city in Ontario. We probably have already arranged a private second mortgage or private mortgage funding in your local area; we cover all of northern Ontario as well as southern Ontario.

More Funds

You may be able to borrow more money with a private investor mortgage than you think; a private mortgage holder may be willing to lend you up to 90% of your total home value. In contrast a bank in Ontario may only be willing to give you up to 75% your home value. You can now use more of your home equity to manage some immediate bills or consolidate your debt payments. This can result in lower interest payments to you.


What are private mortgage investors looking for when they provide you with a private mortgage investment? They look at your credit score, job situation but for private second mortgages the equity in your home is the key factor in private money lending.

Bradford Information

Population and Dwelling Counts Bradford West Gwillimbury, Town

Population in 2001 22,228

Population in 1996 20,213

1996 to 2001 population change (%) 10.0

Total private dwellings 7,248

Population density per square kilometre 110.6

Land area (square km) 201.03

Selected Household Characteristics Bradford West Gwillimbury, Town

Total – All private households 7,130

Households containing a couple (married or common-law) with children 3,405

Households containing a couple (married or common-law) without children 1,865

One-person households 910

Other household types 950

Median household income, 2000 ($) – All households 67,136

Median household income, 2000 ($) – One-person households 23,867

Median household income, 2000 ($) – Two-or-more-persons households 73,450

Number of rented dwellings 1,435

Average gross monthly payments for rented dwellings ($) 810

Number of owner-occupied dwellings ( 5,580

Average monthly payments for owner-occupied dwellings ($) 1,131

Selected Occupied Private Dwelling Characteristics

Total number of dwellings 7,130

Number of owned dwellings 5,680

Number of rented dwellings 1,450

Number of dwellings constructed before 1991 5,625

Number of dwellings constructed between 1991 and 2001 1,500

Average value of dwelling ($) 214,587

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