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Refinancing Cars and Trucks

Do you have a car or truck  that you would like to refinance or do you need some money to pay an important bill. Our brokers can help you get money quickly for you vehicle. Cars loans are not based on your credit score, so even if you have a bad credit score you can still get a can loan.

If you have a high interest vehicle loan we may be able to refinance your present loan to reduce your monthly payments and save you money. The amount of you can borrow against you vehicle is based on the type of vehicle, its age and condition.

Here is a list of the various type of vehicles that can be refinanced:

Cars – recent models with less than 150,000 KM

Trucks – recent models with less than 180,000 KM

SUV’s – recent models with less than 150,000 KM

ATV’s – recent brand name models, low mileage

Boats – all types subject to inspection

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