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Bradford Mortgage Brokers – Second Mortgages

Bradford mortgage brokers can help you get a first or second mortgage for your property. Our goal is to provide you with a low interest rate mortgage. You can choose between fixed or variable rates of interest. We can also provide second mortgages for people with bad credit. We have specially trained brokers who handle home equity refinance and self employed loans. When looking for financing, rates are not the only item you should look at. Our mortgage brokers in Bradford can give you all the information to make the right choice about your mortgage.

Services provided by Bradford mortgage brokers

Appraisal – In most cases you will need an appraisal of your home or property in order to get a first or second mortgage. Bradford mortgage brokers will arrange for an appraisal with a reputable company that is recognized by lending institutions and private lenders. The appraiser will inspect the outside and inside of your home. Notes and pictures will be taken indicating the condition of the property. A messy home or property will result in a lower appraisal value. We advise all clients to ensure that their property looks clean and presentable before the appraisal is done. This ensures that the property will be appraised at it’s maximum value.

Legal – Bradford mortgage brokers always have lawyers complete all transactions regarding your mortgage. The basic functions of a lawyer are to search the property’s title to confirm that you are the owner. They also register or cancel any charges to the property and provide all parties with copies of the paperwork. In some cases a title may have additional charges or liens which also need to be discharged. Most lawyers also have “Errors and Omissions” insurance this covers the lawyer and homeowner in legal errors.

Private lender – In some cases a client may not qualify for a mortgage with a bank or other institutions. Bradford mortgage brokers can arrange a second mortgage through a private lender. Private lenders will have less strict lending criteria regarding your income and the loan to value ratio for your property. Most private lenders will not exceed a loan to value ratio of 85%.

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Our mortgage brokers in Bradford can provide you with free consultation services. There is no obligation or contract to sign and you can know within minutes if you qualify for a loan.

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