Scarborough Housing Market

Scarborough Housing Market

Scarborough Housing Market

I have recently noticed that house prices in certain parts of Scarborough have started to fall. We had some of our clients put their homes up for sale in March 2012 at what seemed to be a fair price at the time but the sellers were hoping for a higher offer which did not come. Now the demand in these areas has fallen and potential buyers have only submitted really low offers.

We advised or clients to get really creative with the fees that they pay to real estate agents and to advertise directly to the public so as to generate more offers. This strategy results in more work for the seller a better price for the buyer and the seller gets a reasonable offer and the houses are now sold.

Here are the main points:

1 –  Use a real estate agent that is really flexible with their fees

2 – Be prepared to lower your asking price

3 – Clean or stage or your, remove any visible defects like cracks in the walls or pet odors

4 – Make sure the house is listed in as many websites as possible and the MLS

5 – Put up signs in your local area

6 – Use one of the For Sale by Owner sites to sell the house