Our mortgage brokers can help you get the Mississauga second mortgage that you need for your home or property. Our team is well equipped to provide mortgages for different purposes such as a first mortgage, second mortgage, home renovation or to pay off any taxes or liens.

You may require money for a home renovation which will increase the value of your home. Mortgage brokers in Mississauga can arrange a loan based on the estimated market value of your home once the renovation is completed.

Another common use of a second mortgage is for debt consolidation. Many people have credit cards that charge a very high rate of interest, some cards have an interest rate as high as 29%. Taking out a second mortgage at a lower rate of interest can save you money and reduce the number of bills that you need to pay at the end of the month.

Mortgage Brokers

With a trusted Mississauga mortgage broker, you can be certain you’ll receive the lowest and finest mortgage rate in the city. Our second mortgage broker team will give you access to multiple rates and lenders, giving you many options during the home buying process.

Private Lenders

If you need a mortgage and have bad credit, our team can assist you by arranging the placement of your mortgage with a lender that handles bad credit loans. Each of our private mortgage lenders have different criteria for approving a loan. Most private lenders look at the loan to value ratio of your home as key factors in approving a mortgage. We have private lenders that will finance a home for up to 75% of its value.

Second Mortgage Appraisers

Before making an offer on a home you like, it’s important to find a good Mississauga home appraiser.The appraiser will compare recent sales of similar houses in your area to determine the value of the property. Having a home appraisers name and phone number ready means you can successfully remove your home financing condition that much sooner.

Second Mortgage Refinancing

In simple words, when you refinance a mortgage loan, you pay off existing loans in exchange for a new mortgage loan.

Why refinance? By using the equity in your home, refinancing your existing mortgage can be very advantageous and turns your home into an affordable source of extra financing.

When you are considering refinancing it is prudent to make a well-informed decision and work with a trusted name. Mortgagebrokerstore.com is a trusted team of mortgage professionals who are equipped to provide you with all the assistance and knowledge for your refinancing needs.

Mississauga Information

Mississauga, next to Toronto is a large Canadian city on Lake Ontario. On the lakefront, Port Credit, one of the city’s main attraction has shops, a working lighthouse and a marina with a grounded freighter. Mississauga has numerous attractive city parks and woodlands. Mississauga Celebration Square located in the heart of the city hosts multicultural festivals and has a skating rink in winter. Being a popular shopping destination, the city has several huge malls. Mississauga located in the Peel District School Board is considered as the second largest board in Canada, with 230 schools. Some of the best schools in Mississauga include St. Martha and Mary Catholic School and Kenollie Public School.

Mississauga Real Estate Market

The housing markets in Mississauga remains white hot with home prices experiencing nearly double-digit year-over-year growth. Mississauga condos prices, in particular, are on the rise and have increased from $277,547 in 2015 to $283,556 in 2016. However, compared to the Toronto housing market, Mississauga real estate prices are affordable. Homeowners benefit larger homes at affordable prices. The Mississauga market has been resilient through the tough economic times, and the city’s economy looks forward to strong sales in the future years.

Mississauga is made up of many smaller communities, some are listed below.

 Lorne Park 

This is one of the best neighbourhoods in all of Mississauga. It has a wide variety of gorgeous and incredibly beautiful homes with an exclusive feel to the neighbourhood. This is the kind of neighbourhood every family would like to live in. Lorne Park is a mostly upper income neighbourhood filled with highly educated individuals with a mixed demographic. The homes here include custom-built mansions on large lots. Many of the older homes on large lots are being demolished and new mansions are being built.

Port Credit

Port Credit is one of those unique areas, it has a gorgeous harbour  with excellent access to Lake Ontario. Port Credit has a small town feel to it with restaurants and bars close buy. With both the QEW and a Go station close by access to Toronto and other areas in the GTA is easy. There is a wide mix of housing in Port Credit ranging from small 2 bedroom bungalows to brand new large condos. The property along the waterfront has many larger homes with an excellent view of Lake Ontario.

Erin Mills

Erin Mills is located in the western central part of Mississauga. The area has many amenities which include Erin Mills Town Centre Mall, Credit Valley Hospital along with many parks and recreation facilities. Highway 403 runs through the middle of Erin Mills with Highway 401 on the north side. Central location with a wide variety of houses and condos make this a very desirable place to live.


Streetsville was a small town that was amalgamated into Mississauga. The area has it’s own feel due it’s long history of being a small town. Streetsville now has it’s own Go station and  Highway 401 runs along the northern boarder. The area has a mixed of detached and semi-detached homes along with townhomes and newer condos. The Credit river runs through Streetsville and many large homes back onto the river.

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