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Assignment Sale Trends in Ontario for 2022

In this article, we’ll explore what an assignment sale is, why people perform assignment sales and what are the most common uses for them, the new taxes on assignment sales in Ontario for 2022, and some future predictions. Learn more

Sell and Rent Back Option in Ontario

Cash home buyers in Ontario provide a quick sale option and the possibility of letting the sellers rent the property and live as tenants. This process works well for people who need cash quickly and don’t have a new address to call home right away after they’ve sold their existing home. Learn more

Is 2022 a Good Time to Sell a House in Ontario?

If you’re looking to sell a home fast, you’ll need to hit the right part of the cycle and jump in during a seller’s market. Deciding whether 2022 is that time means looking at some trends and stats. Learn more

Statistics on Mortgage Arrears in Canada for 2022

Mortgage arrears are the missed or late payments on a mortgage loan. Also known as mortgage delinquencies, this is known as “default” because it does not honour the terms of a mortgage agreement, which is typically paying a monthly fee on time. Mortgage arrears, left unpaid, can result in the lender's power of sale or foreclosure of a property. Learn more

Refinancing Myths Dispelled

Refinancing your mortgage can provide a number of advantages. You might be able to get a better mortgage rate and lower your monthly payments. However, first-time refinancers can find some surprises like resetting a payment timeline, credit checks, and closing costs.

How to Estimate the Value of a Property Using HouseSigma

So how do we correctly estimate the value of a property? There are a lot of ways to know how much a property is worth, each method using different calculations and factoring in characteristics of the properties such as the location, living area, construction year, number of rooms, inclusions (pool, terrace, veranda), proximity to schools, shopping area, public transportation, current market condition (buyer’s/seller’s market), city migration, and many many more.

Wrapping Up the Real Estate Highlights for 2021

Teaser: The Private Lending Sector cruised through the COVID-induced insecurities of 2021. Mirroring the trend in the Canadian mortgage sector in 2020, unlike some of the other business sectors in the Canadian business landscape, the private mortgage space has been... View Article

How Many Days Before Closing Do You Get Mortgage Approval?

Applying for a mortgage approval is a long and tedious process. The time it takes also depends on where you start—if you’ve found a home yet, what type of loan you are getting, how prepared you are with your documents, what type of lender you will be borrowing from, etc.

What is a Bridge Gap Loan?

Getting a bridge loan is a decision made by a homebuyer who needs fast financing for a short term. It seems to be a bad idea because of the high interest and fees, but in emergency situations, this is a more welcome solution than forfeiting your dream home.