Mortgage Payment Calculator

Ron Alphonso on the ILMB PodcastThis tool will allow you to calculate your expected regular mortgage payment. The tool supports a range of different payment schedules and amortization terms. Interest-Only interest payments can also be calculated.
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Loan-to-Value Ratio Calculator

Loan-to-Value Ratio CalculatorThis simple tool will calculate your Loan-to-Value ratio on a requested first, second, or third mortgage. This is useful for private mortgage lenders who primarily rely on LTV to approve mortgage requests.
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Private Mortgage Rate Estimator

Private Mortgage Rate EstimatorThis will consider both your LTV ratio as well as your city to give an expected interest rate on a private lender mortgage. This tool uses up to date info on lender LTV requirements for every Ontario city and town in order to provide an accurate estimate.
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Automatic Private Mortgage Pre-Approval Tool

Automatic Private Mortgage Pre-Approval ToolThis tool will take into account all your information for a private mortgage request and generate an approval. If you qualify, you will be sent a PDF pre-approval document via email. If the system cannot approve you, a human evaluator will consider your mortgage request and follow up with you.
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