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Bad Credit Mortgages Ontario

Bad credit mortgages and loans in Ontario, Canada are more common now than in the past. Our mortgage brokers are here to provide you with the assistance you need. A bad credit mortgage used to be very difficult to get. Our alternative and private lenders can provide the money you need.

You can apply for a bad credit mortgage by phone, fax or even online and get the loan you want. A bad credit mortgage can be very helpful in lowering your monthly payments. This is one of the factors that private lenders will look at. It’s a win-win situation when you save money and the private lender makes a return on their investment.

A bad credit loan has its pros as well as cons. One advantage using bad credit loan is that you can get lower interest rates on your mortgage which helps you lower the interest rate that you were paying on credit card debt.

The negative point is that bad credit loans will have higher interest rates than a bank. Arranging a bad credit mortgage can take from a few days to a few weeks. Mortgage brokers in Ontario use a point system to check your credit background. Once you are approved our mortgage agents will assist you in the entire bad credit mortgage application process.

How do banks define a bad credit mortgage in Ontario? The answer is a credit scoring is a system used by companies such as Equifax helps determine whether to give you credit for a mortgage. Before you request any credit loans in Ontario, get your credit score and a personal score analysis.

Read the information on the credit report to see if the report is accurate.  Many times, when clients are looking for a mortgage in Ontario they will find that creditors have not reported information correctly and the bad rating may come as a surprise to both you and the lender. The best advice is to get your credit report well in advance and make sure it is accurate. If there are any errors you can contact the credit rating agencies and explain why there is an error.

Follow this link for Equifax.

Please call us and receive your free consolation regarding an Ontario bad credit loan. We can inform you within minutes if you will qualify for a loan and let you know when the bad credit mortgage is available.


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