Bad credit mortgages are available to homebuyers with a low credit score. For people with low credit ratings, banks will not offer mortgages because they see these homebuyers as being at risk of not making payments. Our team specialises in setting our clients up with bad credit mortgages in Uxbridge.

Unique Features of Bad Credit Mortgages

Bad credit mortgages have higher interest rates than traditional bank loans. Lenders consider several factors when they determine the rates and terms of the mortgage. In order to approve a bad credit mortgage, a lender will focus on the equity available in the property. Others factors, such as income, registered liens, also play an important role. For instance, lenders view builders liens and property tax liens as an additional mortgage on the property.

Candidates for Bad Credit Mortgages

People with low credit score or home equity will have difficulty in borrowing from the banks. One alternative is to consider bad credit mortgage lenders in Uxbridge. These mortgages have interest rates of 8%-15% and include fees for the lawyer, home appraiser and admin staff. The biggest requirement of private lenders is Loan to Value (LTV) ratio, which is calculated by dividing the value of the registered mortgages by the selling price of the home. Private lenders can lend on properties up to 80% LTV.

A Closer Look at Credit Scores

Credit scoring is a technique that is used to assess the credit risk. It is based on current credit history and credit accounts of a person. These numbers are reported in the range of 300-900. The higher this number better is the score. Lenders see this report as an indication whether or not a person will repay the loan money back to them. The scores are determined by the following data.

  • Non-payment
  • Late payments
  • History of applying for credit
  • Current amount of debt
  • Credit history length
  • Types of credit accounts
  • Inquiries on the credit report
  • Writing bad checks

Banks typically provide mortgages to people with scores above 650.  For people with scores lower than this, a private lender that offer bad credit mortgages in Uxbridge is a good alternative.

Some Ways of Improving Credit Score

  • Paying your bills on time. Mortgage lenders also look at payments trends on rent and debts.
  • You should have a low balance on credit cards. High amounts of credit card debt can be difficult to manage.
  • Do not open credit cards that are not required.
  • Accounts may still stick when they’re closed. It may still show up on credit report and may be factored into the score.

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