Debt consolidation is the act of taking out a large loan to pay other loans. It is a popular choice for people looking to pay lower interests rates on debt. A big loan is more manageable than many small ones but remember, interest depends on the kind of debt chosen. Personal and credit card loans are an example of unsecured loans which attract higher interest rates than loans with collateral. Loans against real estate are not as risky as personal ones and therefore lower interests are charged. While a credit card might have interests between 19% and 29%, registered mortgages are much cheaper. Lenders like registered mortgages because they give them the right to sell property in default to claim their investment. The money from a real estate property loan may be used to pay off expensive loans. We are a vibrant team that has been arranging debt consolidation loans in Hamilton for many years.

What are the Benefits of Debt Consolidation

This is particularly beneficial to people struggling with several monthly loan payments. Debt consolidation loans in Hamilton would enable a property owner to pay all other debts to reduce overall interests and fees. A mortgage isn’t such a risky loan considering the power of sale and this is why you get large sums from $20,000 and above. Paying off pending debts is a good strategy for improving your credit score.

Why do People Opt for Debt Consolidation in Hamilton

There are countless reasons for taking a debt consolidation loan among them:

  • Lower Monthly Payments: A debt consolidation allows for longer repayment payments, which in turn lead to lower charges each month.
  • Better Credit Score: Paying off pending loans reflects well on your credit report and having one loan to deal with, missing a payment is highly unlikely.
  • Lower interest rates overall: As mortgages generally have low-interest rates, a debt consolidation loan in Hamilton charges lower interests in the end.

Methods of Debt Consolidation

Mortgage refinancing, first and second mortgages are the debt consolidation methods that we provide in Hamilton.

Mortgage Refinancing is Acceptable When

If an alternative presents lower interests it might be wise to end an existing loan in favour of the new one. Since ending a loan early attracts three months interest as a fine, you should be careful before dropping the existing loan. There must be savings for mortgage refinancing to be an ideal alternative.

When does a First Mortgage Apply

This refers to a loan given against property for the first time. It attracts very low interests compared with other options because there aren’t other lenders claiming part of the property equity.

Second Mortgages are Applicable When

If there is still equity remaining after the first loan, you can use this to apply for a second mortgage. Obviously, this will attract higher interests than the initial mortgage but with rates lower than those for other loans, it is a sensible means of debt consolidation.

Debt Consolidation Loans in Hamilton Offered by Private Lenders

Private lenders are the only alternative for people who have been rejected by banks owing to low credit score. While banks offer the most competitive loans with low interests, it is not possible to get a mortgage with bad credit below 600 points. Credit and trust unions might negotiate with property owners with 550 points but you will not get a loan from institutional lenders with less than that.

Private lenders do not mind your credit score when approving loans, but their interest rates are higher than those of credit score sensitive banks. This is their only sure way of mitigating risk especially in the case of a second mortgage where the remaining equity might not be enough to compensate them after the property is sold. The Ontario Mortgage Act dictates that when a power of sale is processed, the first mortgage lender must be first to claim their cut.

Our home equity loans will serve your needs because our professionals will guide you into choosing the best solution for your situation. After sending you many quotes from lenders in our network, a professional will sit you down to discuss the fees for each among other features. In the end, you will have a debt consolidation loan in Hamilton that you can comfortably use to pay other debts and redeem yourself from the effects of a poor credit score.

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