Consolidation of debts refers to the act of using a big loan to pay for other small debts. The main intention is to pay low interest rates overall and it is also very convenient to keep up with one payment than having to pay for more than one loan each time. According to loan professionals, it is hard to forget one monthly payment that isn’t too high in the first place. Interest rates are determined by the loan chosen with unsecured loans having high rates of up to 19%-29% and secured loans like mortgages charge low interest. Registered mortgages in Kitchener give the lender a power of sale, which they can activate to try to recover their investment. Mortgages are less risky and therefore a good way to pay off other expensive loans. We are a team of professionals that has been arranging debt consolidation loans in Kitchener for many years now and they are available to discuss your issue.

Advantages of Debt Consolidation

With so many expenses each month, it is becoming more difficult to meet expensive monthly payments. A debt consolidation loan in Kitchener would be very helpful in this situation. A registered mortgage is a way to get low interest loans from private lenders and banks. All creditors view registered mortgages as least risk and therefore offer reasonable amounts that can pay off smaller loans to grant you total peace of mind. A mortgage will get you anything from $20,000 while personal loans have limits up to a few thousand.

General Motives for Consolidating Debts

There are several reasons for this including:

  • To Reduce Interest Rates: Mortgages charge low rates compared with other types of debts, which makes them ideal for people trying to save money through debt consolidation.
  • Improving Credit Score: A debt consolidation loan helps clients to pay off small loans which if left unpaid will decrease the credit score.
  • Lower Monthly Fees: The way to reduce monthly fees is to take a single big loan with payments extended over a long period.

Different Methods of Debt Consolidation

Our company offers three main techniques for debt consolidation:

When is Mortgage Refinancing Necessary

This is a great choice if a replacement loan has a lower interest rate than the initial one. Breaking an existing loan in favour of another will cost you three months interest fees as a fine. Before agreeing to mortgage refinancing, you must factor in all fees to make sure that this action eventually saves you money.

First Mortgages

This is the first loan on a property and it is available at very low interest. The fact that there aren’t other loans means that there is sufficient equity in the property to benefit a lender in case a client is unable to honour the loan.

Second Mortgages

You can get a second loan against the same property if there is still equity left. These loans attract higher interest rates than first mortgages but this isn’t higher than other types of unsecured loans. Second mortgages are also popular among people trying to consolidate their debts.

Debt Consolidation Loans by Private Lenders in Kitchener

Banks offer loans at the best interests and terms but this is only for borrowers with excellent credit scores of 600 points or higher. The rest of the population has to look for other options like private lenders who will loan them without paying much attention to the credit score. As long as there is enough equity, they hope to recoup even if you default. Mortgages from private lenders are the same as ordinary bank mortgages but with higher interests. Doing this helps then to mitigate risk associated with lending to people who already have a bad credit record.

Our team of experts has connections with a multitude of private lenders and they can send you multiple quotes. The professionals will go through all quotes with you to help you understand the fees involved. It is important to make sure that your debt consolidation loan in Kitchener is sufficient and affordable. We are always ready to take you through the entire process of acquiring a debt consolidation loan to make sure it is perfectly tailored to you.

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