It is often not easy to navigate all there is to know within the realm of private lending. Many have questions that can range from what private lending options are available to what type of private mortgage may work best.

At Mortgage Broker Store we have compiled a very comprehensive and informative Private Mortgage Lending guide that will answer such questions as well as provide a wealth of information that will be available at your fingertips to refer to.

We are able to cover a very broad range of topics that include the different classifications of Ontario-based lenders such as banks and credit unions or trust companies and compare how these lenders approve mortgages as opposed to private lenders. Other topics include:

  • How to become familiar with your credit score
  • Knowing how to continually improve your credit
  • What criteria private mortgage brokers are looking for
  • What to bring with you when you sit down with a private lender
  • What is Loan-to-Value and why is it so important
  • How much equity do you need to apply for private mortgage financing
  • Can you be approved for a private mortgage loan with bad credit?
  • Will I need mortgage insurance for a private mortgage loan?

Like anything in life, the more you know the less intimidating anything seems. At Mortgage Broker Store we have a wealth of knowledge relating to how exactly private lending works. We also have access to a broad network of well-experienced and established private lenders throughout the Province who will be able to sit down with you and provide you with the best possible terms on a private mortgage depending on your unique financial circumstances.

Let’s dive into the world of private lending and learn as we go. Mortgage Broker Store is always available to answer any additional questions you have after you read our private mortgage lending guides.

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