Home equity loans are as the name suggests, are a type of loan secured by equity. Equity is simply the number of debts and the price of a home. Using equity, private lenders who issue home equity loans believe they can successfully assess how much risk a borrower poses. This is different from banks that rely on credit ratings to decide who to give a loan. We have many experts with ages of experience giving home equity loans in Aurora.

Payment Terms and Conditions for Home Equity Loans in Aurora

This is an open first or second mortgage on a property, offered at 7%-15% for a 12-month period. The term, “open mortgage” gives you a choice to end it early and move on with your life. If you choose this option, just make all the payments and a three-month fine. Some people might fear the penalty but in addition to peace of mind, you get an improved credit score by making early loan payments. In spite of high-interest rates compared to bank loans, home equity lenders are still preferred for their flexibility.

Our experts in the city are prepared to listen to your desires and using the information, tailor a home equity loan to you.

The Common Custom Options Include:

  • Blanket Mortgage: Several properties are given as security for the loan in an attempt to secure more finances.
  • Interest Only Mortgage: For this loan, the only condition is that you repay interest. The principal remains untouched.
  • Construction Draw Mortgage: We can pay your construction contractors as your project is finished.

More variations can be included in the mortgage agreement according to your needs. This is an attempt by our experienced lenders to provide a fully customized home equity loan in North Bay.

How Much Can I Borrow

The amount given to each lender can only be determined when a lender assesses your home’s price versus the debts on it. Using these numbers, they are able o calculate the loan to value ratio which should be 75% or lower. LTV is the perfect indicator of how much equity a borrower owns and if it exceeds 75%, there is too little for the lender to benefit.

The loans we offer are reasonable amounts that can be used to fund new businesses, pay off expensive loans, or pay tuition fees for yourself or the kids. Some people only want the home equity loan to help them pay for a car, holiday, or expensive furniture. There are no spending restrictions as long as the borrower can honor their end of the deal.

Common Uses of Home Equity Loans

Our specialists have seen home equity loans used in different ways some of which are more common than others. Home equity lenders are different from banks in that they do not disapprove loan applications based on the reasons given. You have the freedom to use your money as you wish as only you can tell what you need most.

  • Education: Parents without much of an annual income often use home equity loans to pay for their children’s schooling.
  • Business Investing: Entrepreneurs who are strained for cash can use the loan as a source of capital.
  • Renovation: Many people use property equity to repair and upgrade it so it can sell for a better price.
  • Debt Consolidation: When used to repay expensive loans, the equity loan saves many people from a poor credit score.

The Differences between Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit

Home equity lines of credit are a type of revolving credit, unlike home equity loans that are repaid in installments and have a fixed interest rate. Once a home equity loan has been approved, you are only issued as a lump sum. Once that is finished, you need to wait for more authorization to access more funds. The terms of a home equity line of credit are more negotiable. For the HELOC, you can withdraw at any time to use as you wish but staying within the credit limit. The only reason why people think they are alike is that both home equity loans and home equity lines of credit are approved according to the equity left in your home.

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