Private lenders who do not mind a client’s credit score provide home equity loans. This is different from institutional lenders who require 550 points to look at any loan application. A home equity loan is the best chance you have to access home equity for personal financial gain. Equity is the stake remaining after all mortgages have been deducted from a home’s appraised price. We have a specialist team that has been providing home equity loans in Tillsonburg for many years now.

Conditions and Rates for Home equity Loans

This loan is given as an initial or subsequent mortgage on a property. You are required to pay this money in one year’s time with 7%-15% interest per month. Home equity lenders prefer registered mortgages as a measure of mitigating risk associated with loaning people with low credit score. The terms may be strict but people still prefer home equity loans for their unrivaled flexibility. It is possible to have our home equity loan customized to your needs. Our lenders are always available to listen to your circumstances and recommend the most suitable product.

Common Customized Options 

  • Blanket Mortgage: You can present more than one house as security to get you more funding
  • Interest Only Mortgage: Only interest is needed, as principal remains untouched.
  • Construction Draw Mortgage: We pay your contractors to ensure flawless completion of a building project.

People have different financial goals and our home equity lenders are willing to customize a loan that will see them actualized.

How Much Can You Get With a Home Equity Loan in Tillsonburg

The loan amount you can get depends on how much equity remains in the house. Lenders are very careful to avoid properties with bad credit and for that reason, they must calculate loan to value ratio. LTV is obtained by dividing total debts by the price of a home and our lenders are willing to loan up to 75% LTV. Anything more means that the borrower owns too little of their home for a lender to leverage even with a power of sale given by a registered mortgage. Loan to value ratio may be a home equity lender’s most important metric but some also resort to credit score and job history when assessing risk.

How is a Home Equity Loan Used

Our lenders know of many uses for a home equity loan with some being more urgent than others are. There are people who need the money to start a business, pay school fees, renovate the home, or pay off other high-interest loans. It is due to client’s diverse needs that our officers allow them to use a home equity loan in any way they wish.

  • Renovation: The money can be used to upgrade or repair the home as a value addition measure.
  • Education: pay school fees for your children using home equity loan money.
  • Business Investing: This might be all the money you need to start a business or finance an existing one.
  • Debt Consolidation: It is a good idea to repay expensive debts using the home equity loans. Credit cards are expensive and could really hurt your credit but with a single loan to repay each month, a poor score is unlikely.

Our home equity loans in Tillsonburg are reasonable amounts that have some rare uses. People have used the money to pay for emergency treatment, stop a power of sale and even in helping family members.

Home Equity Loans vs. Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

A home equity loan is a type of installment credit. This means that repayments are to be made in fixed interest rates for an agreed timeline. Different from this, a home equity line of credit has revolving terms and conditions like those of a credit card. Bearing in mind the set credit limit, you can withdraw any amount of the equity loan at any time it is needed. The only comparison between home equity loans and home equity lines of credit is that both loans are approved based on loan to value ratio of property presented as security. Our home equity lenders will help you discern between an HELOC and home equity loan so it’s clear what you need most.

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