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A private lender in Etobicoke can help you get a home equity loan or second mortgage. Most private lenders tend to only lend in small geographic areas such as Etobicoke. Some private mortgages can start from as little as $20,000.00. The term of the mortgage is usually 1 year but could be longer. The private lender then registers the loan against your property. This means that the decision to lend is based on the equity of the property. The decision is not based on the your credit score. Most private mortgage lenders in Etobicoke have a maximum loan to value ratio (LTV) of 75%. We can provide a free consultation and approve your loans within minutes.

Fast Service

We can provide a free consultation and approve your loans within minutes. Many of you have already spent hours and hours traveling to the banks and on phone conversations. You have filled out numerous forms. You have provided everything the banks asked for and you still do not have the loan.  This process could take months. Our private mortgage agreement form makes our company one of the fastest lenders in Ontario. Compared to the banks this is easy mortgage to acquire.

We are based in Ontario and a have a tremendous amount of knowledge on the Etobicoke real estate market. We have already arranged private second mortgage in your local area.

More Money

You may be able to borrow more money with a private investor mortgage than you think. A private mortgage holder may be willing to lend you up to 90% of your home value. In contrast a bank in Ontario may only be willing to give you up to 75% your home value. You can now use more of your home equity to manage some immediate bills or consolidate your debt payments. This can result in lower interest payments to you.

Follow this link for the Etobicoke 2011 census.

Private Mortgage Lender Etobicoke Information

Population and Dwelling Counts Etobicoke, City Ontario
Total Total
Population in 2001 338,117 11,410,046
Population in 1996 328,718 10,753,573
1996 to 2001 population change (%) 2.9 6.1
Total private dwellings 125,541 4,556,240
Population density per square kilometre 2,728.3 12.6
Land area (square km) 123.93 907,655.59
Earnings in 2000 Etobicoke, City Ontario
Total Male Female Total Male Female
All persons with earnings (counts) 180,570 93,610 86,960 6,319,535 3,311,105 3,008,425
Average earnings (all persons with earnings ($)) 37,420 44,263 30,054 35,185 42,719 26,894
Worked full year, full time (counts) 101,975 57,080 44,890 3,527,045 2,061,355 1,465,690
Average earnings (worked full year, full time ($)) 49,632 56,477 40,928 47,299 53,937 37,962
Income in 2000 Etobicoke, City Ontario
Total Total
Persons 15 years of age and over with income 257,110 8,598,560
Median total income of persons 15 years of age and over ($) 25,061 24,816
Composition of total income (100%) 100.0 100.0
Earnings – % of income 76.4 78.7
Government transfers – % of income 10.5 9.8
Other money – % of income 13.1 11.5
Selected Household Characteristics Etobicoke, City Ontario
Total Total
Total – All private households 123,975 4,219,410
Households containing a couple (married or common-law) with children 35,795 1,376,975
Households containing a couple (married or common-law) without children 33,250 1,179,330
One-person households 30,070 990,160
Other household types 24,855 672,950
Median household income, 2000 ($) – All households 53,967 53,626
Median household income, 2000 ($) – One-person households 29,337 25,253
Median household income, 2000 ($) – Two-or-more-persons households 64,466 64,201
Number of rented dwellings 50,395 1,346,990
Average gross monthly payments for rented dwellings ($) 858 753
Number of owner-occupied dwellings 73,570 2,816,220
Average monthly payments for owner-occupied dwellings ($) 1,031 964
Selected Occupied Private Dwelling Characteristics Etobicoke, City Ontario
Total Total
Total number of dwellings 123,970 4,219,415
Number of owned dwellings 73,575 2,862,300
Number of rented dwellings 50,400 1,351,365
Number of dwellings constructed before 1991 116,725 3,615,880
Number of dwellings constructed between 1991 and 2001 7,245 603,530
Average value of dwelling ($) 280,270 199,884

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