Canadian banks are subject to several government rules, which turn many people away from them and to the less regulated private lenders. Most private lenders in Kingston especially service hard to place mortgages that banks simply reject. They do not have to follow the same rules as banks. If you were turned down by banks, you can turn to private mortgage lenders in Kingston who are able to help. The private lenders are only concerned with home equity when making lending decisions in Kingston. This means that there is a chance for people with bad credit to benefit from mortgages.

Mortgages Offered by Private Lenders

The loan from a private lender in Kingston will be issued as a registered mortgage with the property as security. Under the Ontario Mortgage Act, a private lender with a registered mortgage can sell the property to recoup is a borrower fails to pay fees as agreed. The loan amount is typically as little as $20,000, which should be repaid in 12 months unless otherwise requested by the client. Riskier investments like second mortgages, or where a borrower has no income, the fees will be higher than for a bank loan. The private lenders must protect their interests by avoiding homes with too many debts as the mortgage act requires that lenders who came before get paid first. If they take on a property with a heavy debt burden, there may not be enough for them to recoup even after activation of a power of sale. Private lenders generate profits by investing in real estate and the Kingston market is only attractive because of its notably high real estate appreciation rates in the country.

Criteria for Approval for Private Lender Mortgages

Private lenders focus on equity (market value and debts) of a property when deciding which applications to approve. Banks usually depend on credit score to decide who to loan but private lenders are not concerned with that. They calculate a metric called loan to value (LTV) ratio to determine worthy investments. LTV is calculated by dividing total mortgages with appraised property price. If a house is worth $1,000,000 and has mortgages totalling $800,000 its LTV is 80% which will attract offers from private lenders. In Kingston, private lenders only loan up to 75% LTV on a property and no higher. LTV that is more than 75% shows that there is too little equity left on that property for the private lender to leverage.

Reasons Why People Need Private Lender Mortgages

During the loan application process, private lenders will as you to state why you need the loan. This shouldn’t worry you as private lenders are very lenient and will accept basically any reasons. The popular reasons why people need loans include:

  • To pay tuition fees for college or university
  • To stop a power of sale or foreclosure
  • To cover living expenses after being laid off from work
  • To pay for renovations or repairs
  • To pay off high-interest credit card debts

Those who cannot qualify for low-interest bank loans are the main targets for private lenders. Our private lender network van offer mortgages to those who were rejected by banks in Kingston.

Fast Financing from Private lenders

Major banks in Canada have to follow strict procedures when approving loans and this is often too time-consuming. There is no way of remedying this situation which can be problematic for those seeking urgent funding. Since they are exempt from the rules, private lenders can move things much faster to get you funding in as few as 24 hours. Our network of lenders can loan on real estate in every town and city in Ontario including Kingston.

Information on Lenders in the Kingston Real Estate Market

Kingston is part of Ontario, a province in south Canada, neighbouring the US. Ontario is much discussed in various circles owing to a vibrant real estate market. There was unexpected double-digit growth in the recent past. This is why more people in Kingston are turning into private real estate lending as a way of substituting their income. In addition to being an economic powerhouse, Ontario is among the most desirable places to live in Canada.

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