Banks in Canada are strictly controlled by the government and this causes people to turn away from them. Many people turn to private mortgage lenders in Milton who do not have to follow the same rules as banks and can service hard to place mortgages that were rejected by banks. Banks can only offer loans to people with an impeccable credit score, which is not easy to maintain. This gives a chance to people with poor credit to access the equity in their assets for personal financial gain.

Private mortgage lenders in Milton like to lend their money in form of registered mortgages. The Ontario Mortgage Act allows holders of registered mortgages to sell a property if a borrower is unable to pay. The loan might be as low as $20,000 to be repaid in one year unless the client requests otherwise. Second mortgages and people with low income present high risks, which causes the lenders to charge higher fees. The money is requested in advance to pay the lenders’ staff, appraisal and real estate lawyers among other staff needed to arrange the mortgage. Private lenders are particularly attracted to Milton, where like many parts of Ontario, the real estate appreciation rates are quite high.

Approval Criteria for Private Mortgages

Private mortgage lenders in Milton look at the home’s debts and appraised price when deciding whether to lend. This is very different from banks, which rely on credit score to determine who is worthy of a loan. To measure creditworthiness, private lenders calculate a metric known as LTV or loan to value ratio. The result is obtained by dividing the value of debts by price of a property. If your home is worth $1,000,000 and has $800,000 as debts, the LTV will be 80% and that will suffice because lenders will loan to a maximum 75% on a property. They may not be so keen about credit score, but private mortgage lenders in Milton will always avoid properties with a heavy debt burden. The Ontario Mortgage Act may give power of sales through a registered mortgage but second mortgage lenders are only to claim their money if the first lender is fully compensated. Lending on a home with too many debts would decrease the chances of recouping after a power of sale.

Reasons for Needing a Private Mortgage

Private lenders only need to know why you need the money for record keeping. They are very lenient compared to banks that can reject loan applications based on explanations by customers. Some of the popular reasons for needing a loan include:

  • To pay off high-interest credit card debt
  • To pay tuition fees for university and college
  • To pay for home repairs or renovations
  • To stop a power of sale or foreclosure
  • For living expenses after being laid off work

Private lenders seek out individuals who couldn’t meet the banks’ criteria to offer them ideal mortgages that will help in the actualization of different financial obligations.

Faster Financing from Private Lenders

The bank approval process is a long, complex one that is impossible to speed up. This causes several problems to those who are in urgent need for funding. Private lenders are not restricted as much and can give loans much faster than banks. This is great for people who need to stop a power of sale, pay emergency bills or that need money as fast as possible. Our private mortgage lenders in Milton also service other cities and towns across Ontario. The private lender loans are highly sought by consumers in Milton as they can provide solutions that are fully customised to their needs.

Best Mortgage Broker

We aim to have the best mortgage brokers and mortgage agents in Milton. Our brokers and agents specialize in private mortgages for homes and businesses.

Information on Lenders in the Milton Real Estate Market

Milton real estate is as vibrant as in other parts of Ontario. There has been continued double –digit increase in real estate prices, which has made the province the best place to invest. More people are turning to real estate lending as a method of substituting their income in Ontario, which is considered one of the best places to live. The lucrative real estate industry is also attributed to the fact that Ontario is Canada’s economic powerhouse.

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