Canadian banks are under government regulation and this turns many people away from them and to private lenders. These individuals or businesses do not have the same restrictions as banks that are very keen on each client’s credit and they do not loan to people with a score below 600 points. They can service the hard to place loans that were denied by banks, meaning that even people with a poor credit score can qualify for a private mortgage. Private mortgage lenders in Pickering strive to serve those individuals who could not get traditional bank loans due to credit score or another issue.

Mortgages from Private Lenders

Private mortgage lenders in Pickering love loaning out money as a registered mortgage. This type of agreement gives them the power of sale in the event a borrower fails to pay in full. The loan can be as low as $20,000 and you are required to pay up in 12 months unless you ask for an exemption. The lender might give low-income earners more time to make monthly loan payments even more affordable.

A private mortgage also offers loans to people without income or those seeking second mortgages but the catch is in high prices that you must pay upfront. Unlike with other types of loans, the lenders are unwilling to increase risk by paying appraisal, lawyers or other experts on your behalf. Private mortgage lenders make their profits from the real estate sector, which is why they are so interested in Pickering, a city in Ontario where real estate prices have been increasing for the last few years.

Requirements to Get a Private Mortgage in Pickering

When you apply for this kind of loan, private lenders are only interested in the debts and appraised value of the home. Banks, on the other hand, rely on credit score to decide who qualifies for a loan. Private lenders must calculate the LTV of a property, to decide which properties are worthy investments. The loan to value ratio is obtained by dividing the total value of debts on a property by its current market price to get a value that ideally should be below 75%. Our private mortgage lenders in Pickering are not worried about your credit score but they will not loan to a property with too many debts to avoid making losses when the owner is unable to repay.

Why do People Need Private Mortgages

During mortgage application, you will be asked to state why you need the money. Don’t worry so much because private lenders are more lenient than banks, accepting nearly every explanation for needing the money. Some popular reasons are:

  • To pay college or university tuition fees
  • To pay for renovations or important home repairs
  • To stop a power of sale
  • To pay high credit card debt
  • For living expenses after losing your job

Anyone who couldn’t get a bank loan yet they have property can turn to private lenders who purposefully seeks them out. They are ready to offer an ideal mortgage solution based on the equity in property rather than individual credit score.

Quick Financing from Private Lenders

Bank loans are attractive but they take an awfully long time to process owing to strict government conditions. Some people need funds so urgently they can’t wait for a regular bank loan. They turn to private lenders who are always willing to arrange financing in little time to cater to the emergency needs of clients. Our private lenders do not have to follow the same rules governing banks and can even create custom loan solutions tailored to individual clients.

Information on Lenders in the Pickering Real Estate Market

Pickering is a city in Ontario Canada, a province that is always in the news concerning the state of real estate. The prices have been appreciating and predictions indicate a continuation of that trend as more people move in to enjoy the offerings of Ontario real estate. More people are substituting their income by becoming private real estate lenders in Pickering and other parts. Ontario stands out as Canada’s economic hub and in addition is has often been hailed as one of the best places to live in the country.

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