A second mortgage is an additional mortgage put on a home with a first mortgage. Our brokerage specialises in providing people in Kawartha Lakes with a second mortgage. You can use the money from a second mortgage for any purpose, whether it is for your home refurbishment, buying a new house, or paying off other debts. Whatever your reasons are, our team can help you with your second mortgage application.

Often times a second mortgage is also the best solution to pay off high-interest debts. Many people find it hard to pay the high-interest rates offered by credit cards so that they prefer to apply for a second mortgage, which offers lower interest rates.

Kawartha Lakes Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage broker that has connections to lenders offering second mortgages can help you get a second mortgage easily. Second mortgages are a niche financial product and is typically not offered by banks. In order to get a second mortgage, you need to use a mortgage broker that specialises in alternative lending. Our team deals exclusively in these kinds of alternative mortgages, and have helped hundreds of clients get financing.

Kawartha Lakes Private Lenders

For people who cannot apply for a bank mortgage, using a private lender is a good alternative. A private lender uses different lending criteria than banks do, and they make their business by giving mortgages to people who have been turned away by banks. A private lender will look at the appraised value of a property and the existing debts secured to the property. If the homeowner has enough equity in the home, then the private lender can put a new mortgage on the property.

Kawartha Lakes Home Appraisers

A second mortgage application needs an appraisal provided by a registered Ontario home appraiser. This helps the mortgage lenders to accurately judge the value of the home. Our brokerage is connected with the most reputable home appraisers in Ontario, and the appraisal reports they provide are accepted by most lenders.

Kawartha Lakes Mortgage Refinancing

Many people choose to get a new mortgage in order to refinance their existing debts. People who have a high-interest mortgage or high-interest unsecured debts are able to save money by refinancing their debt into a lower interest second mortgage. Our team can help you save the most money by paying off your debts with the highest interest rates.

Kawartha Lakes Information

Located in the Ontario province, Kawartha Lakes city is one of the larger cities. With the population that reaches 74,000, some dense communities here include Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Omemee, Woodville and Bobcaygeon. Victoria County was its first name before the city was restructured.

Kawartha Lakes is a city where business and leisure meet. Many people make their property investment in this city because of its high year over year increases in property values.

Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Market

It is very easy to find high-valued property in Kawartha Lakes City, which is mostly located in main roads like Kawartha Park Rd, Black River Rd, Carscadden Rd, Woodland Trail Ave, more.

Fenelon Falls

This is the area where you can find private homes with very affordable prices, while you can also make an investment in buying apartment or condo units.


If you plan to spend your retirement years in a serene city where private homes or vacant lands are still very affordable, then you may want to find some houses here. But, there are also some higher amounts of houses, which are located nearby the downtown.

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