A second mortgage can help eliminate high-interest debt and improve credit score. With a second mortgage, your dreams are fueled by an asset you already own.

We have hundreds of private mortgage lenders across Canada. Our lenders can help you to get a second mortgage regardless of income or credit, provided you have equity in your property.

Kitchener Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage broker along with saving you time and hassle in securing a loan will also provide you with advice and a wide variety of options. A mortgage broker will do all the legwork to find the right second mortgage that will suit your needs. If you’re looking for a mortgage broker to help you out in the entire process for securing a second mortgage the give Mortgage Broker Store a call today.

Kitchener Private Lenders

When a Prime lender or a bank won’t finance your second mortgage loan, a private lender will approve it under any circumstance. Private lenders overlook a bad credit score and will finance your second mortgage on the basis of the equity in your home. Our Teams are connected with the best private second mortgage lenders in Kitchener who have financed second mortgages to 90% of our clients within just a few weeks.

Kitchener Home Appraisers

Before you buy a house or get a new mortgage an appraisal of the property may be required. The appraisal should be done by a certified registered appraiser. The appraisal will place a value on the house and will explain how the value of the house was determined.

Kitchener Home Inspectors

A home inspection before purchasing it will give you some of the most important information required to protect you and your family. It will give you information on the quality of materials used, life expectancy and deferred maintenance of the home. This information, in turn, could save you thousands of dollars for potential future expenses. Hence it is recommended to keep a home inspectors contact information ready.

Kitchener Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing helps you pay off your current loan and replacing it with a new low interest rate mortgage. Refinancing helps you to combine all debts in one place which in turn helps improve your credit score. You can also use the money from a refinance to access the equity that has been built up in your home. This can help in paying off outstanding credit card bills.

Call our team of mortgage specialists today to find the best options for your situation.

Kitchener Information

Kitchener located in southern Ontario is approximately 100km to the west of Toronto. As per 2011 census, Kitchener had a population of 219,153. The city lies adjacent to smaller cities like Cambridge which is to the south and Waterloo towards the north. Kitchener’s economic heritage is mainly in manufacturing. In the city’s downtown area, most the factories have been converted into upscale lofts and residences.

Kitchener Real Estate Market

Kitchener is currently a Red- Hot Sizzling market when it comes to real estate. May 2016 was a record setting month with 752 residential properties being sold, a 19.6 per cent increase in the same month last year. Year to Date sales has also set high records with over 2776 properties being sold in 2016. This represents a 20 per cent increase when compared to the sales of the first five months in 2015.

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