The skilled team of professionals at the Mortgage Broker Store can help you get the second mortgage you need for your property. Our objective is to provide you with the best mortgage that suits your needs.

Our team in Markham knows and understands the local real estate market and can assist you in getting an appraisal for your property. We will also prepare the documents that are required for a second mortgage. If you need private funds, we have access to many private mortgage lenders that provide loans. Most of our private lenders have flexible criteria’s that allow you to qualify for many different types of loans.

Markham Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Broker Store will assure that you receive the best second mortgage rate in town along with access to multiple rates. Our team will handle all second mortgage rate negotiations and will assist you in every piece of paperwork so that you can take steps closer towards owning your dream home or condo in Markham.

Low Interest Rate Second Mortgages

The interest rate for a second mortgage (2nds) is higher than a first mortgage but there are a few ways to get the lowest possible interest rate. First and most important try not to exceed a loan to value ratio of 60% and secondly show the lender that you can make the monthly payments. Most second mortgage lenders will not count a low credit score against the borrower.

Markham Private Lenders

If you need private funds we have a number of private second mortgage lenders that provide loans. Private lenders have various criteria’s that are flexible which allows you to qualify for many different types of loans. Some private mortgages can start from as less as $20,000.00. The loan is not based on your credit rating, so people with a poor credit rating can still be approved for a mortgage. Most private second mortgage lenders in Markham will base their mortgage approval on the amount of equity in the home. Mortgage Broker Store agents have in-depth knowledge regarding the real estate market in Markham.

Markham Home Appraisers

Buying a home is one of the most important and expensive investments you will ever make, hence it is important to hire a good home appraiser. Home inspections can flag problems to determine the ultimate value of a home. Hence having a home appraisers contact details ready means you can successfully remove your home inspection condition that much sooner.

Markham Mortgage Refinancing

Refinancing your mortgage allows you to pay off your current mortgage and replace it with a new one.

This can benefit you by allowing you to borrow more money to reach a variety of goals such as home renovation, travel, education or even for purchasing an additional property.

Our experienced mortgage brokers are equipped to provide you with all the help and knowledge for your refinancing needs.

Markham Information

Markham is the largest among the nine municipalities in the Regional Municipality of York. It is a highly diverse, multicultural community home to a population of over 309,000 people. Markham is known as a high-tech capital of Canada as it is home to over 900 business technology companies in Canada. These companies include IBM Canada, Apple Canada, Hewlett-Packard, and more. In addition to this, there are great business and employment opportunities in this thriving town.

Markham Real Estate Market

Markham is the next high rise community. It’s the real estate market that just won’t seem to stop growing. 2015 was a good year for Markham’s homeowners. The community saw a 9.23% increase in the price of all types of homes in comparison to November 2014. That interprets an increase in price to $62,517 for an average home so far in 2015. The combination of record high prices and high numbers of sales tells us that demand to get into the real estate market in Markham will continue to heat up in 2016.

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