These are loans for people looking to settle expenses such as tuition fees and renovations. A second mortgage is an increasingly popular choice for people in North York, Toronto. Second mortgages in North York are loans secured by a property with another loan on it. Many lenders can have mortgages on the same property but there are rules governing this scenario. The first mortgage holder has first claim to the property followed by the second and third. The third lender cannot claim their investment from a power of sale if the initial and subsequent lenders haven’t claimed their cut.

Second Mortgage Brokers

A North York second mortgage broker looks for the best solution for each client’s situation. The most important factors to consider when looking for a second mortgage are interest rate and all fees associated with the mortgage. In North York, most lenders offer mortgages up to a maximum 75% LTV and chances of getting second mortgages in North York decrease as the loan to value exceed 75%.

Bad Credit Second Mortgages

It is possible to get a second mortgage in North York, Toronto with bad credit, as the loan is approved based on property equity. Private lenders who have a special knowledge of the market fund most mortgages in the area. Because they rely on equity, lenders don’t hesitate to provide funding even to borrowers with low credit scores.

North York Private Lenders

The private mortgage lenders are an alternative source of funding in the city. They can provide the financing a client needs when other lenders like banks have turned them down. Private lenders of mortgages have a more flexible set of loans compared to other lenders. We have specialised brokers in every province including Ontario which is great for people in need of assistance in getting much-needed funds. It takes only a matter of minutes for our experienced brokers to tell you if you qualify for a mortgage.

Second Mortgage Appraisals

In most situations, a borrower is expected to pay home appraisal fees. This is required as they cannot lend without knowing the exact value of a property. The higher the appraisal value, the higher the loan amount you will get. The value of a home is determined by the most recent selling price of properties in that area. Lenders cannot rely on appraisals even 6 months old as the housing markets of Toronto are rapidly increasing. The appraisal must be current in order to reflect the true value of your home and clearly define the amount of money you can borrow.

Mortgage Refinancing in North York

In simple terms, when you refinance a mortgage loan, you pay off existing loans in exchange for a new home mortgage loan. The home is a most valuable asset for many people and any decision to refinance must be considered with caution. It pays to work with a qualified mortgage expert who will help you appreciate the pros and cons of your individual situation before you can finally decide.

When considering refinancing you should make an informed decision and make sure that, you work with a trusted name in the industry. is a reputable team of mortgage experts with the ability to assist clients and equip them with the necessary knowledge about their refinancing needs.

North York Information

This is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada’s hub for motion picture and television production. The major broadcasting networks and media outlets of the Country are headquartered in Toronto. North York is a multicultural rich neighbourhood that only joined Toronto- Mega City in 1998. It is an attractive dwelling place with its university, unique neighbourhoods, historical sites and modern developments.

North York Real Estate Market

The Peanut is a popular neighbourhood with significant public housing where the youth, sole-support families and refugees mainly reside. The multimillion dollar estates and mansions are predominantly in York Mills neighbourhood. This area is home to the Glendon College, which is also part of York. Central North York is the cultural and central business district. There is a high number of high-rise condos making up North York’s impressive skyline. Other neighbours in North York, Toronto include Lawrence Manor, Korean Strip and Persian Section to name a few. North York is considered one of the safer areas to live in the greater Toronto.

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