Power of sales and foreclosures are used by lenders to recover their investment when a lender in Brockville and Cornwall has broken any of the terms in a mortgage. There are some financial and legal differences between a power of sale and a foreclosure in Brockville and Cornwall. The most important point to be aware of is that a foreclosure will result in the owner of the losing title to the house. Any profits or loss that would result when the house is sold will go to the new owner. With a power of sale the house will be put up for sale, when the house is sold the lenders will be paid. If there are any funds left the homeowner will receive that money.

Lenders in Brockville and Cornwall can choose either to use the power of sale or the foreclosure process to sell a house or any property. Foreclosures can take months or years to complete and require a great deal of the time. In contrast a power of sale can be completed in a few months with a limited amount of court time. The foreclosure process is long and expensive, the power of sale process is faster with less legal requirements and therefore is a much cheaper.

Stopping Power of Sales and Foreclosures on your Home or Condo

As the homeowner you should get advice on how to handle or stop a power of sale or foreclosure on your home in Brockville and Cornwall. It is in the homeowners best interest to stop the power of sale or foreclosure on their home. Once the power of sale process has started the mortgage holder has the right to charge the property default fees as outlined in the terms of the mortgage agreement. The daily management fees, legal fees and so on, the fees can wipe out any equity that the homeowner has.

Our mortgage agents can quickly tell you what your options are regarding the foreclosure or power of sale in Brockville and Cornwall. Your home is your most important investment and we will work to stop a power of sale and save your home in Brockville and Cornwall.

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