A foreclosure or power of sale in Markham is a legal remedy used by lenders to recover money from secured property.  A Markham power of sale can be completed in 3 to 6 months with legal costs that are usually lower than foreclosure costs. The lender can give the home owner notice of default after 15 days of a missed payment. The notice usually includes an amount to bring the loan back into good standing. The home owner should work with their lender to find an acceptable re-payment terms.

If you are facing an eviction or a “power of sale” you should immediately contact a real estate lawyer. You should also contact a mortgage broker that can arrange new financing for your home or property. A power of sale in Markham can happen quickly. Therefore as the home or property owner you should act quickly to stop the power of sale.  Foreclosures can take years to complete. Provide your lawyer and mortgage broker with as much information regarding power of sale of your home.

If your home in Markham may be put up for power of sale you should try to stop sale. Try to reduce any legal costs and ensure that your home sells for its highest market value. In certain cases the homeowner may be already evicted from the property which makes the situation even more difficult. Lenders will usually sell the house through a real estate agent that has access to a multiple listing service. This will let the largest number of potential buyers know the house is for sale. Lender will do their best to get the highest price possible for the house although the house may sell for less than fair market value due to its condition or other factors in the housing market. As the property owner it is in your best interest to try and stop a power of sale in Markham since this could be the best way to reduce real estate and legal fees.


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Any person that is considering buying or selling a power of sale house in Markham should contact a lawyer to arrange the real estate transaction. We always recommend that our clients seek independent legal advice. Power of sale transactions in Markham are more complicated than the normal sale of a home. Usually more than one law firm is involved and the legal costs can be quite high. Call our mortgage agents for a free consultation regarding power of sales in Markham.

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