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How Does Selling for Cash Work?

How Do You Sell Your House to a Cash Buyer?

>>>For those homeowners that may need to sell their home quickly, an option worth exploring is approaching an established and experienced Ontario-based cash home buyer. Whether you are facing immediate financial concerns or possibly an imminent power or sale or foreclosure on your property, selling your house, condo or cottage quickly to a interested cash home buyer will take the worry out of approaching a real estate agent and putting money into pressing renovations or fixes. A cash home buyer will buy your house at fair market value with a discount in the state that your house is currently in.>>>>>

How Does Selling for Cash Work? 

There are more compelling reasons to hold on to your valued home than sell it in the fast moving, lucrative Ontario housing market. The longer that you hold on to your home the more equity you will build and houses are continuing to appreciate at unprecedented levels as we head to the end of the 2021 fiscal year.

Despite the lure of holding onto such a sound investment, there are circumstances that transpire that may force a homeowner to need to see their home quickly. The question then becomes what options are open for a homeowner who may not have the luxury of time on their side.

What Are My Options? 

It would be very hard to know which option would suit each individual homeowner, when it comes to determining the best option. It is much easier to look at what some of the potential options would be. Of course working with a realtor and selling your house on the market is always an option and one that leaps to mind for many when faced with the proposition of selling their house, condo or even cottage property.

Need Advice on Your Sale?

You may have more questions on the entire process and how much money a cash buyer may offer. You can contact our team directly and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Other options, however, do exist. A homeowner could rent out their property and use the rental income to pay off immediate and pressing expenses. Or perhaps a homeowner may wish to sell quickly to family members at an agreed upon price. 

A very good option that does exist and would avoid the need to renovate or fix up a property before selling is selling your home to an interested, well-experienced home buyer. Cash home buyers exist throughout the Province. A cash home buyer will be able to appraise your home quickly and offer below market value with a discount offer on your home (to account for any expenses incurred by the cash home buyer during the home sale process.)

Common reasons people need to sell fast 

Just like in life itself, there are a multitude of reasons why homeowners may want or need to sell their home quickly. Depending on the unique financial picture that homeowner is facing some of the more common reasons can be summarized as the following:

  • Unforseen life events that force a very fast sale of your property
  • The need to sell an inherited property quickly
  • Homeowners are under immediate threat of eviction under a power of sale or foreclosure
  • A homeowner cannot access the property for whatever reason
  • House is in poor condition and is not fit for real estate showings
  • Special conditions of occupants or pets make typical real estate showings difficult
  • A homeowner must have fast money to meet financial obligations

Topping the list of the reasons to sell your house or condo or perhaps summer cottage quickly is the pressing threat of imminent eviction which can include needing to cover the sheer mounting legal costs of an ongoing foreclosure or power of sale. Selling your home quickly to avoid repossession by your lender tops the list. Any time a homeowner falls into mortgage arrears, is it important to look at all the options to solve the financial problem. Selling to cash home buyers could be the right answer in this financial scenario.

What Exactly is a Cash Home Buyer? 

A cash buyer is best described as individuals or companies that regularly buy houses, typically renting or reselling for a profit. Established Ontario-based homebuyers will take over the immediate sale of a property and sell the home quickly in the current conditions it is in.

For those that do not have the time or financial means to put their property on the open market by preparing the property for sale and listing with a realtor, approaching a cash home buyer can get the ball rolling quickly without incurring the significant cost of selling through traditional channels.

Will the Cash Homebuyer Sell at Market Value?

There will not be any financial burden tied to fixing up or renovating a particular property to prepare to be sold. A home buyer will assess the current appraisal of the property and use this current market assessment to come up with a fair sale price with a discount.

It will not be possible for a cash home buyer to sell at the market value (or full appraised value) because of the costs incurred by the cash home buyer as well as the reasons a homebuyer will be buying your property. Cash home buyers will likely try to sell your property which will represent a cost for them or they may try to fix up the property and try to rent it out by viewing it as an investment property.

Either way, the costs involved for the cash home buyer will lead to selling your property at a fair price but with a discount to the appraised market value of your property.

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Mortgage Broker Store will be able to help you look at different second mortgage options to help finance the renovation costs of listing your property.

Speak With A Cash Buyer Right Now

With quick and friendly service, we are always happy to offer free advice. Whether you are serious about selling or just curious, we can explain your options and what to expect.

With options from short-term bridge loans to a second loan using existing equity, we will sit down with you and discuss which financing option would best suit your overall financial circumstance.

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