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Private Mortgage Lenders’ Prepayment Penalties

Mortgage financing is a complex topic, but it’s very important to understand as it plays a fairly pivotal role in real estate transactions. With it, you can secure a loan from a private mortgage lender (or sometimes a bank), to cover the cost of a property purchase. Learn more

Types of Loans That Can Be Renewed: Exploring Your Options

Borrowers with an existing mortgage term ending need to look at a loan renewal. Traditional lenders in Canada need to provide a renewal statement 21 days before the term ends. It's suggested that property and homeowners should start the process 120 days in advance. Learn more

Types of Bad Credit Mortgages

The journey towards securing a mortgage, particularly when grappling with the nuances of bad credit, can often seem like a difficult challenge. There are many options, each tailored to distinct financial backgrounds and credit histories, for borrowers. Learn more

The Role of Refinancing in Mortgage Management

Look at the specifics of your loan, like the interest rate, the remaining time left, and how much your monthly payments are; then ask yourself, “Do these terms align with my current finances?” You need to see if they fit well and are within your budget or if you need to address anything. Learn more