Brockville mortgage brokers can help you get a first or second mortgage for your property. Our goal is to provide you with a low interest rate mortgage. You can choose between fixed or variable rates of interest. We can also refinance mortgages for people with bad credit and commercial loans. We have specially trained brokers who handle debt consolidation loans and self employed loans. When looking for financing, rates are not the only thing you want to look at. Talk to a mortgage broker in Brockville they can give you all the information to make the right choice.

Services provided by Brockville mortgage brokers

Bad credit mortgages – the term “bad credit mortgage” is actually misleading since the definition of bad credit is different for every lender. This term usually refers to your credit score which can range from 300 to 800. Most major lenders considering any credit score below 650 to be bad. The job of mortgage brokers Brockville is to find a lender whose credit requirements match your present credit rating. As a borrower you should be aware that the lower your score the hard it will be to find a lender. Brockville mortgage brokers will work to get you the lowest rate possible.

Mortgage brokers Brockville can also arrange a credit repair program for our clients. The repair program involves a combination of paying off old debts, ensuring that all debt payments are up to date and establishing new credit. The repair program can have an impact in as little as six months, but in most cases it takes about one year before the client see an improvement in their rating.

Debt consolidation – Many people have outstanding balances on their credit cards that they never pay off due to the high interest rates charged by the credit card companies. Some cards have interest rates as high as 29% plus annual fees. By combining all the high interest debt into one low interest second mortgage the interest rate can be cut in half. The main reason for the lower interest rate is that credit card debt is not secured and is very high risk debt verses a second mortgage which is secured and has a much lower level of risk.

Liens – in some cases a creditor may have placed a lien on your property which may prevent you from renewing your present mortgage, some common types of liens are from builders or unpaid property taxes. In this case mortgage brokers Brockville would arrange a loan to pay off the lien, which will then allow the property owner to renew their first mortgage at a favorable rate.


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