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Home Equity Loans in Ontario, Canada

A home equity loan in Ontario or line of credit can provide you with the financial resources you need. Pay off debts or complete renovations on your home. There are a wide range of home equity loans in Ontario. This can make it tough to decide which options are best for your financial requirements. We can assist you by presenting you with a borrowing plan that meets your specific needs.

Line of Credit and Specialists in Home Equity Loans

Our mortgage brokers deal with many financial institution. This assures you get expert advice and access to exclusive financing vehicles available through non-bank lenders. Our network of lenders offers a wide selection of loan products. Flexible amortization schedules and higher income allowances than those typically found at a most Canadian banks.


Bad Credit

If you need to borrow money and have a bad credit rating. Relax we provide bad credit loans in Ontario on a regular basis. First off “Bad Credit” is not a major factor when you are applying for a home equity mortgage. Most financial institutions have different lending criteria for home equity loans in Ontario. Our mortgage lenders know and understand your local market conditions and can react faster to your needs. A poor credit rating does not mean that you can not a loan It probably means that you will be paying a higher interest rate. You could use the money to pay for a wedding or your child’s education. Many loans for people with bad credit in Ontario can be completed in less than a week. Remember a bad credit rating is not a crime it just means that you will need to be better prepared.

Home Loan Example.

A client wanted a bad credit loan in Ontario his credit score was 540, which is low. The total loan to value would be 70%, which is good. The bad credit rating came from not paying some credit cards on time. By paying off the credit cards we can now repair the clients credit. In about one year the client can go back to a lender and pay a lower interest rate. In this case we provided a short term loan. Over the long term they can lower their monthly financing costs.

The amount of money you can borrow against your home depends on many factors. The main factors are the amount of equity in your home and your current financial situation. A typical home equity loan in Ontario allows you to borrow up to 85% of the appraised value of your home.

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