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What are Some of the Reasons to Apply for Private Mortgage Financing?

What if your credit is damaged? Owning a home does allow those who may have poor credit or reduced income to take out second mortgages for a number of financial objectives. Reasons to take a second mortgage can include the need to pay off existing debts, pay for any much-needed renovations, pay off legal fees or arrears if in mortgage default, and other pressing financial reasons.

Interest Rates May remain Low for Now but Mortgage Stress Tests are Set to Head Northward

The Federal Government and the Bank of Canada have recognized the danger of taking on too much mortgage debt for several years now. A few years back, similar to what we are currently experiencing, the banks could afford to offer discounts on associated interest rates on different mortgage types. There became a need to assess what a homeowner could truly afford given a change of even 1% in their mortgage rate.

How to Calculate Interest on a Private Mortgage?

Although interest rates are propelling many Ontario homeowners/borrowers to take out mortgage financing, if you have poor credit the banks are not the answer. Stringent criteria prevent many with damaged credit from obtaining mortgage loans. Learn more

What are Hard Money Loans and How Do They Work?

What lending options are still open to those that can not demonstrate creditworthiness? Private lenders are well established in this Province who will be able to offer secured private mortgage financing when credit is a stumbling block to mortgage financing. Learn more

Mortgage and Purchase Process

Mortgage Broker Store has access to a wide network of Ontario-based private lenders who will be able to look to different criteria than just full-time salary-based income and exemplary credit. Learn more

What Should You Do Before Applying for a Mortgage?

There are steps that you should take to help safeguard against making misinformed mortgage decisions. These steps will put you in a position to determine the type, the amount, and the term of your mortgage as well as give you the necessary understanding of the factors that pertain to mortgage approval. Learn more

Variable or Fixed Mortgage Rates?

At Mortgage Broker Store, we are in the position to help Ontario homeowners with private mortgage loans when seeking mortgage financing with damaged credit. Learn more