You can get free debt consolidation advice from one of our credit counsellors. Our free debt consolidation advice is designed to show you the various financial options that are available to you. Every person’s situation is unique and most people will have multiple factors that can affect the outcome of a loan.

Debt consolidation loans are set-up to merge a number of existing loans
into one manageable payment. Debt consolidation is one of the most common
ways to merge your credit card debt.

When should you consider free debt consolidation advice?
You are having difficulty paying your monthly hydro, gas and water bills.
You would like to reduce the total amount that you pay to your creditors every month.
Various creditors telephone you constantly demanding payment for past due bills.
Having many different creditors has resulted in a dramatic increase in paperwork and shifting of money. One simple payment would save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on more important endeavors.

Benefits of debt consolidation advice
You can greatly reduce the money spent on your monthly credit card bills.
One simple payment to a single creditor is much easier to manage.
You creditors will stop calling because they know that the outstanding account is in the process of being paid off.
Lower your stress since no credit collection agencies will be telephoning you for payments.
An enhanced credit score can allow you to borrow eventually at lower rates of interest.
Many of your unsecured creditors may accept a lower onetime payment that could lower the principal amount owed from 20% to 50%. This is one of the main benefits of debt consolidation advice.

Types of debt that you can consolidate

Our credit counsellors will examine all of your outstanding credit card debt, a copy of your credit report will be obtained to ensure that all outstanding debts are properly addressed. After a thorough analysis recommendations will be made regarding the best way to proceed.

Personal and student loans
Auto and recreational vehicle loans
Unsecured debt from various credit cards
Home renovation loans

We are not lawyers and therefore our free debt consolidation advice is not legally binding. We advise our clients to seek the help of a lawyer if they feel the need to do so.

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