The fastest and easiest way to stop an eviction from your property is to pay all the outstanding amounts owed. Unfortunately many people facing an eviction can not afford to pay the amount requested by the lender.

An Eviction Notice from a Sheriff in Ontario could result in the lose of your home or property. In most situations we recommend that the home owners retain a lawyer to stop the eviction, we also have lawyers that can provide FREE advice. Please call us to receive a list of lawyers that can help you with a free consultation.

A Sheriff’s Eviction Notice will indicate a date a time at which the the eviction is to happen. When you call us please have the Eviction Notice ready so that we can refer to it. For home owners that can not pay the amount demanded by the mortgagor we can provide you with some options.

We can provide a free consultation regarding your eviction, please call us at 416-499-2122 .

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