Canadian private lenders are in the business of providing private money loans. Many Canadian private lenders are also brokers and they can fund up to hundreds of small loans per year.

The advantages of working directly with a true private lender are immediately evident. First, you can save money by going direct since brokers are paid for their services based on a percentage of the total loan. Secondly with a private lender you can negotiate to get lower interest rates for your loan.

When you work with a private lender you will be able to speak directly with the decision makers. You can avoid the ‘run-around’ and may be able to close more rapidly. Various mortgage brokers can hit you with high interest rates or high fees. With our Canadian private lenders you will get the lowest interest rate and fees possible. Keeping money in your pocket as well as your financial stability is our biggest priority.

If  you are behind on your mortgage payments, the bank may start a foreclosure to enforce payment of their mortgage. While this may be intimidating there are solutions that can help. Working with our Canadian private lenders gives you the availability to stop the bank from starting a foreclosure. We will give you the confidence in knowing that both your home and mortgage are safe.

Private Lenders Canada

In addition to lower rates and stopping a foreclosure, we can also assist in getting a lawyer and real estate agent to sell your house. In a foreclosure situation you will not have the luxury of time since the bank or your present lender will be charging fees for every day that the mortgage is in arrears. The ability to pay an overdue bill has become a lot easier thanks to private lenders Canada. Canadian private lenders have a great reputation for service as well as getting the job done. To speak with a private mortgage lender today, give us a call.

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