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Private loan lenders are available for people who are having a difficult time renewing their home mortgage. Our brokers specialize in providing private loans for bad credit. We understand that just because your crediting rating is bad does not mean that you can’t make the monthly payments. One way to reduce your monthly mortgage payments is to enter a debt consolidation program. Our consultants can fully explain how a debt consolidation program can help. We look at all your existing credit card debt and personal loans to see if they can be consolidated into one loan with a lower interest rate.

Private loan lenders can include a debt consolidation program which can help you understand exactly how you got into your present situation. The program will explain how to offer your creditors a lower principal amount on your debt in exchange for immediate payment of the debt. Many of the credit card companies are willing to do this just to clear the debt off their books and eliminate any further collection costs.

You need a personal debt consolidation program to teach you how to budget and control spending. In most cases this makes perfect sense, you can learn how to lower your interest rates. The lower interest rate saves you money and improves your cash flow. The savings can be used to reduce the principal amount owing or to enhance your lifestyle.

Below are some recent situations that private loans have helped our clients:

If your home has been put up for a “power of sale” by your mortgage lender and there is a significant level of equity in your home you may still be able to get private lender loan. The broker can talk to all the various parties involved including lawyers to determine if the “power of sale” can be stopped. In many cases private lenders loans for bad credit can give you the money to stop a “power of sale” by bringing the present mortgage up to date and in good standing.

You have been self employed for the past ten years, you have always made a good income but some of the income was undeclared not on your “Notice of Assessment”. You now owe some debts and are finding it difficult to get money to pay these debts. Private loan
lenders can recognize your self-employed income and they will try to help you find the money you need.

Private Lender Loan for Bad Credit

If you have recently been turned down for a mortgage renewal by your local bank for a loan you should try to find out exactly why you were turned down. You may have also called other banks to see if they will renew your present mortgage but they also turned you down. At this point you should start to consider the alternative of private loans lenders who can allow you to borrow the funds you need. You should be aware that your bad credit rating will probably result in a higher interest cost.

If you think that you need private loan lenders then you should give us a call. Private lender loans could be the easiest way to resolve your current financial needs.

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