Mortgage brokers in Winnipeg can arrange first or second mortgages for your property. As mortgage brokers we work to provide our clients with a mortgage that meets their requirements. We  have open and closed mortgages with fixed or variable interest rates.  Mortgage brokers in Winnipeg can provide loans for first mortgages, second mortgages, home renovations and debt consolidations. Please call us or send us an email for a free quote on your mortgage.

Mortgage brokers can provide first and second mortgages which can be either fixed or variable mortgages. A fixed-rate mortgage is a loan with monthly payments set at a fixed interest rate.  A variable interest rate mortgage payments depend on the Bank of Canada interest rate, which can go up or down.

Winnipeg mortgage brokers understand that many people have a poor or bad credit rating. Brokers also know that credit ratings do not tell the whole financial story. There are many reasons why a person has a poor credit rating including, missed payments or too many credit cards. The most important point to remember is that private mortgages  are not based on your credit rating. Even if you have a very bad credit rating it is still possible to get a mortgage with reasonable interest rates.

The condition of your property will have a significant impact on whether you will get a loan and the amount of the loan. Many  lenders will go to inspect the property and to talk to the property owner. The lender is trying to determine if the is being maintained in good condition or if the property is falling into disrepair. A property that is deteriorating will fall in value making it hard to sell at fair market value in the future. We recommend that all property owners clean the inside and outside of the property.

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