Do you need some help regarding a power of sale or foreclosure on your house or property? If the answer is yes, we may be able to help you. Please call us at 416-499-2122 and have any legal documents related to the power of sale close by. You will be able to talk directly to one of agents who will determine what type of legal help you need. We will then give you the name and phone number of  lawyers that can provide FREE legal help for your situation. There is a 30 minute time limit for the free consultation. Please note that the staff of are not lawyers, we recommend that you retain a lawyer for all real estate transaction.

Stop the Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Time is of the essence in every power of sale or foreclosure. The legal fees charged by the mortgage holder can be very high, we recommend that you try explore every option to stop the power of sale.

Below is some basic information that you may need regarding you legal situation.

Eviction Notice

An eviction notice gives a date and time by which the property must be vacant. If you have important or valuable items on the property please remove them before the eviction date.

Notice of Mortgage Default

The “notice of default” can be sent to the home owner once the property has been in default for over 15 days. The notice is the first legal step in the power of sale process.

Statement of Claim

The statement of claim will tell you how much money is owe to the mortgage lender and give you a breakdown of all the legal costs up to a certain date. You will be given about 35 days to pay the amount demanded in the statement of claim after this period has expired a “notice of possession” can be issued by the court.

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